FreeMotion EPIC Abdominal

The FreeMotion EPIC Abdominal isolates and strengthens the muscles in the upper and lower abdominal regions. The 4-bar linkage system provides a maximum range of motion with gas-shock assisted handles.

Product Info

Shoulder Pad Assembly
Contoured and padded for comfort, the shoulder pad assembly features a gas shock to raise the pads for easy entry/exit of the machine.

Pivoting Seat
Seat bottom pivots upward as the upper body pivots downward to better engage the abdominals through a natural range of motion.

Shin Pads
Contoured shin pads fit a wide variety of users and offer support to isolate the abdominals.

Heavy-duty, 1/4-inch cable is rated to 4,200 lbs. minimum tensile strength.

Weight Stack
Oval-shaped stack is enclosed to limit access to moving parts.

Bolt-down Strap
For added safety, equipment can be bolted to the floor.

Floor Protectors
Made of molded rubber, floor protectors guard against damaging the floor.

The weight stack access panel allows for simple cable service while the removable upholstery and Linex® wear guards increase cushion life and allow for easy replacement of wear items.

Product Specs

Overall dimensions: 40"L x 48"W x 62"H
Weight: 450 lbs
Weight Stack: 150 lbs
Weight Stack Configuration: 10 - 150 x 10 lbs


Frame 10 years
Bearings, Guide Rods, Pulleys & Weight Stacks 3 years
Cables 1 year
Labor 1 year
Upholstery, Handles & Accessories 120 days